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Roman Horobets
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Doctor trauma and orthopedic surgeon Roman Horobets

Welcome to the informational site of Roman Horobets – orthopedist-and-traumatologist specialist. This site has been created in order to simplify patient’s contact and acquaintance with main directions of orthopedist-and-traumatologist’s work and methods of traumas and musculosceletal apparatus problems treatment.

Roman Horobets has been working at Kyiv City Clinical Hospital orthopedic-and-traumatologic department since 2004. He regularly provides an urgent aid to Kyiv residents with musculosceletal traumas using the most innovative methods of conservative and operative treatment. He is also engaged in scientific work, elaborating and refining an operative and functional treatment techniques and constantly participates in scientific meetings as well. He has studied osteosynthesis, arthroscopy and endoprosthesis courses.

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