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Consultation with doctor orthopaedist online in Kyiv

  консультація ортопеда-травматолога онлайн в Києві, відеодзвінокTo pre-register for an online consultation in video mode, call or write a message with the desired time of the consultation, including messages in  Viber,   Telegram,   WhatsApp

  Calls and correspondence are free, the cost of an online consultation with a video call is UAH 250. 
Information, results of examinations and tests should be sent in photo before the consultation. It is advisable to send the results of CT, MRI and radiographs in the form of files (possible link to Google Drive and other file sharing sites).


+38 (093) 902-80-90

+38(067) 915-00-55 (Vodafone)

E-mail:   Kyiv, Ukraine

Medical centre CitiDoctor, Bandery str, 17, metro st. Pochaina location on map

Kyiv city hospital 7, Kotel`nykova str, 95, metro st. Zhytomirs`ka

  Warning! An online consultation allows You to get answers to the majority of questions, but is not objective. A full consultation requires a clinical examination, during which the doctor examines the sore spot, clarifies the location of pain, determines the range of motion, conducts stability tests, etc. For a clinical examination, make an appointment for a consultation at the clinic. Consultation with doctor presupposes detection of the diagnosis and treatment tactics. Conclusion in full digital or printed form can be obtained only after consultation with doctor`s examination.
  If you are insured and want to visit a doctor, find out if your insurance company has a contract with the clinic where you want to consult an orthopedic traumatologist. Remember, that you can always choose a doctor and clinic at your discretion and the insurance company can sign a contract with a new clinic or reimburse you for the cost of consultations, examinations and treatment.
  Before diagnosing and determining the tactics of examination and treatment, the doctor interviews the patient, clarifies and details the complaints, examines the history of the disease (onset of symptoms and their development in chronological order) and life (concomitant pathology). He then conducts a clinical examination, during which he clarifies the location of pain, strength and amplitude of active and passive movements, conducts tests for joint stability, etc. Only then studies the results of additional examinations (CT, MRI, ultrasound, X-ray, laboratory tests) and compares with the history and clinical examination. Once diagnosed, the patient can always ask the doctor his questions and get comprehensive answers. Also, during the consultation with an orthopedist-traumatologist, the patient has the right to be accompanied by relatives or representatives, who may also ask questions to the doctor.
  After 22.00 in case of an acute injury, it is desirable to go to the emergency room of the nearest trauma department or get an ambulance (tel. 103).