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Forearm trauma

Fracture of a spoke bone in a typical place

This kind of fracture is one of the most wide-spread in one’s everyday life and is usually connected with a fall on a hand from one’s height. It is characterized by fractures dislocation on the back or palmar side of a palm. In case if it is possible to restore a spoke bone’s length and articular fissure flexion angle due to reposition, this trauma can be likely treated conservatively. Reposition is performed in a plaster bandage up to the moment of its freezing. Immobilization is usually prescribed for 1 – 1,5 months. Position of fragments and degree of the union is controlled by X-ray.

spoke bone fracture

Fracture of ulnar bone with luxation of radial head (Mondedjia fracture)

John Nontedjia had described this fracture more than 100 years ago. Ulnar bone upper third and luxation of radial head with annular ligament rupture take a place in this damage. Usually it is treated conservatively however osteosynthesis may be also performed in case of irreparable dislocation.
forearm fracture osteosynthesis doctor Gorobets

Radial shaft fracture with luxation of ulnar bone head (Galeaci fracture)

Radial bone fracture is quite often accompanied with ligaments rupture in lower radioulnar joint and luxation of ulnar bone head or styloid process fracture. The treatment of such fractures requires particular attention as far as they tend to displace. Precise reposition, plaster bandaging with thorough fixation of ulnar and radiocarpal joints is needed in this case. X-ray control is needed each 2 weeks. In unstable fractures or unsuccessful reposition, an opened reposition and metal osteosynthesis with plates and screws is performed.

Olecranon fracture

This trauma usually occurs in case of fall and direct contact with a surface. Ulnar process uses to dislocate as far as triceps is jointed to it. Only temporary reposition is possible, therefore it is treated operatively, the method of fixation choice is fixation with pins and cerclage.

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