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    Joint surgery in medical centre CitiDoctor

Bandery str., 17 /1
Pochaina sub. st. 

Maps tel. +38 (093) 902-80-90

   Surgical department of CitiDoctor is well-equipped with the most modern medical equipment and it allows to perform osteosynthesis in traumas of the joints and intraarticular fractures of the bones with arthroscopic maintenance under X-ray navigator control. Highly qualified anaesthesiological service carries out general and conductive anesthesia under ultrasound control minimizing all possible risks for patients. Our clinic has a huge laboratory, cozy in-patient department with latest equipment including MRT and CT. 

  Operative treatment costs from 15000 UAH. The prize of intraarticular fracture treatment includes postoperative maintenance and doctor`s consultations.
in purpose of operations on joints is restoration of the articular's surface and movements. During ostheosynthesis of bones and joints biomechanics and anatomy of metaepiphyses is restored, fragments of joint's bones are fixed with implants in physiological position . In case of intraarticular ligaments affection or necessity of reposition control our command performs arthroscopy, which is endoscopy of the joint.   Due to minimally invasive techniques of operative interventions blood loss is minimized and blood supply of the joint is maximally preserved influencing reparation time and effectiveness of treatment. Timeliness of intervention, quality of reposition and fixation reliability allow to prevent development of postoperative arthrosis in the future. In violations of functions caused by old traumas of the joint and deforming arthritis we perform arthroplasty. All operations on joints are fulfilled according to international standards and guidelines of joints ostheosynthesis. In case of acute trauma our command performs intraarticular fractures treatment urgently. Individual program of rehabilitation is collaborated for each patient with intraarticular fracture.

Treatment of intraarticular fractures, osteosynthesis of joint fractures, joint surgery